Zhao Han and Tom Williams and Holly Yanco


AAAI Fall Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction (AI-HRI)

Publication Year

As robots become increasingly complex, they must explain their behaviors to gain trust and acceptance. However, it may be difficult through verbal explanation alone to fully convey information about past behavior, especially regarding objects no longer present due to robots' or humans' actions. Humans often try to physically mimic past movements to accompany verbal explanations. Inspired by this human-human interaction, we describe the technical implementation of a system for past behavior replay for robots in this tool paper. Specifically, we used Behavior Trees to encode and separate robot behaviors, and schemaless MongoDB to structurally store and query the underlying sensor data and joint control messages for future replay. Our approach generalizes to different types of replays, including both manipulation and navigation replay, and visual (i.e., augmented reality (AR)) and auditory replay. Additionally, we briefly summarize a user study to further provide empirical evidence of its effectiveness and efficiency. Sample code and instructions are available on GitHub at