Casey Kennington and Malihe Alikhani and Heather Pon-Barry and Katherine Atwell and Yonatan Bisk and Daniel Fried and Felix Gervits and Zhao Han and Mert Inan and Michael Johnston and Raj Korpan and Diane Litman and Matthew Marge and Cynthia Matuszek and Ross Mead and Shiwali Mohan and Raymond Mooney and Natalie Parde and Jivko Sinapov and Angela Stewart and Matthew Stone and Stefanie Tellex and Tom Williams


Computing Research Repository

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The ability to interact with machines using natural human language is becoming not just commonplace, but expected. The next step is not just text interfaces, but speech interfaces and not just with computers, but with all machines including robots. In this paper, we chronicle the recent history of this growing field of spoken dialogue with robots and offer the community three proposals, the first focused on education, the second on benchmarks, and the third on the modeling of language when it comes to spoken interaction with robots. The three proposals should act as white papers for any researcher to take and build upon.