Terran Mott and Mark Higger and Alexandra Bejarano and Tom Williams


IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication

Publication Year

To critically analyze and adapt to the risks and benefits of social robotics, future user communities will require technology and AI literacy: the ability to use new robotic technologies, understand their strengths and limitations, and critically evaluate the implications of their use. Research shows that collaborative, creative, and informal learning experiences can support AI literacy among non-technologists. Therefore, we designed Degrees of Freedom, a multiplayer interactive storytelling game that supports technology literacy about social robots. Degrees of Freedom supports technology literacy competencies by encouraging players to explore how values are encoded in robot designs, compelling players to consider the risks and limitations of robots, and encouraging them to make connections to their own lives and values. We present both the design of Degrees of Freedom and the results of game playtesting. Our results show that the narrative, collaborative nature of the game supported players in critical thinking about the role robots can or should have in their communities.