Join Us!

The MIRROR Lab is part of the Department of Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. For general inquiries, please contact MIRROR Lab director Tom Williams.


Current Students

The MIRROR Lab is seeking hardworking, creative, and independent research assistants with interests in human-robot interaction, natural language understanding, artificial intelligence, and/or augmented reality.

If you are currently enrolled at Mines as an undergraduate or graduate student and would like to learn more about research opportunities in the MIRROR Lab, please contact MIRROR Lab director Tom Williams, or fill out an application here.

Prospective Students

If you are not currently enrolled at Mines and are interested in joining the MIRROR Lab, please visit the following pages for more information on academic programs at Mines.

The MIRRORLab is currently accepting new PhD students.Interested PhD applicants are also encouraged to check out the other labs in Mines’ Algorithmic Robotics Group.