C. Estelle Smith and Kylee Shiekh and Hayden Cooreman and Sharfi Rahman and Yifei Zhu and Md Kamrul Siam and Michael Ivanitskiy and Ahmed M. Ahmed and Michael Hallinan and Alexander Grisak and Gabe Fierro


ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education

Publication Year

Because of the rapid development and increasing public availability of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) models and tools, educational institutions and educators must immediately reckon with the impact of students using GenAI. There is limited prior research on computing students’ use and perceptions of GenAI. In anticipation of future advances and evolutions of GenAI, we capture a snapshot of student attitudes towards and uses of yet emerging GenAI, in a period of time before university policies had reacted to these technologies. We surveyed all computer science majors in a small engineering-focused R1 university in order to: (1) capture a baseline assessment of how GenAI has been immediately adopted by aspiring computer scientists; (2) describe computing students’ GenAI-related needs and concerns for their education and careers; and (3) discuss GenAI influences on CS pedagogy, curriculum, culture, and policy. We present an exploratory qualitative analysis of this data and discuss the impact of our findings on the emerging conversation around GenAI and education.